10-0 start no stranger to Beilein

10-0 start no stranger to Beilein

Michigan Head Coach John Beilein is being as realistic as possible when it comes to his Wolverines. Despite the 10-0 start, he says, setbacks are bound to come.

Back in the 2004-05 season when John Beilein was still head coach of West Virginia, the Mountaineers raced out to a 10-0 start on the year, and they finished very strong as well, just an overtime loss to Louisville away from heading to the final four. But as Beilein knows all too well, the middle part of that schedule was a challenge. After losing their first game of the year to Villanova, West Virginia went on to lose six of their next eight before righting the ship. Based on that experience, Beilein is working hard to keep expectations and his team in perspective.

"We got thumped badly and went into, all of a sudden, shock," said Beilein. "And we ended up having a heck of a year. But when you get off to this kind of a start you've got to be careful of, when you do lose, some guys will overreact to it."

"You're going to lose. There're only been one or two teams in the last 40 years that have gone undefeated. You're going to lose, and you're going to lose more than a few, but you just got to hang in there."

Despite the similarities that include the 10-0 start and now a trip away from home to take on a formidable opponent, that's where the comparisons would end for Beilein and the Wolverines.

"We're different right now because we were primarily a zone team at that time ‘cause it was so effective," said Beilein. "When the zone didn't work we weren't very good at man-to-man, and we had to retool all our man-to-man in the month of January, and then in February we were pretty good."

Experimenting with Binghamton

Things didn't go nearly as smooth as the spread of 38 points indicated it would in Michigan's 67-39 win over Binghamton. But Beilein isn't concerned based on how the Bearcats chose to play on both ends of the floor throughout.

"They didn't send people to the backboard," said Beilein. "They tried to stop our transition offense, and then they ended up maximizing every possession. One of the reasons we had the shot clock violations was because of the fact that they really weren't looking to score unless it was something wide open with 15 seconds to go to shorten the game up."

While the Bearcats were hoping to shorten the amount of possessions, the Wolverines were clamoring for more in hopes of squeezing extra time and experience out of some of the underclassmen. As Beilein noted afterwards, "We just ran some stuff just so we could get it on film today."

One area Beilein was looking to see more of on film is the lineup with two big men on the floor at the same time. While it didn't happen Tuesday, it is a point of emphasis moving forward with a few tweaks to be made.

"We had that one span I was trying to get a sub in there and I should have called a timeout, now in retrospect. I wanted to get the big man lineup in there and it seemed like two or three minutes had gone by and we didn't get Glenn off the floor," said Beilein.

"We're trying to get more and more of it and we're still experimenting with who's better on the perimeter --- Jordan or Mitch."

To watch video of Beilein's post game press conference, click play below.

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